Monday, 7 November 2016

We Rise by Lifting Others

Hello mates! I hope you all are reading this article in the best of your health. I was badly stuck in some of my bad habits and still trying to recover from it, meanwhile, I am writing this article after a very long time. I feel really glad that some of you asked about the next article which keeps me motivated. I feel like if I am helping a single person in this world changing his lifestyle or habits, or bringing any positive change in any person’s personality or in the society, then I am playing my part and I want to take this to next step to help bring a change in the society/community.

The way we are is the way we see the world.
Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?' - Brian Tracy

There always comes a time in our lives when there comes an opportunity and just when the time ran out we get to know about that opportunity and then we ask ourselves why anyone didn’t tell me about this opportunity, whether it be a job opportunity, participation in any competition, registration for any startup, showing up for free course or seminars etc.. But do you know the pity part? Most of the time, a friend of ours, sitting next to us, partying with us whom we consider our BFF buddy, ditch us and don’t let us know that an opportunity came and he/she applied or cashed in the opportunity. I know you must be smiling and remembering those friends and people around you who have habits of this genre. But trust me, in this competitive world, it is so common in our daily lives, everyone is competing against each other for no reason, we are in a race that will take any of us nowhere. We need to believe that we only rise by lifting others. We need to share, share and share whether it be a smile. We are so wicked and hateful people that we can’t see someone taking the success steps. All we love to do is to drag every other person, whom we fear will get ahead of us.

Back in October 2014, I published an article on my LinkedIN profile with the name of IMEI awareness for smartphones because I was quite into gadgets thing at that time and my network used to consult me for that so I thought of writing an article to help people. Now today I got a notification and according to stats, that article has been viewed 141,000 times. And yes! I feel satisfied, obliged and contended. How come any of you not feel it helping others?

When I got to know about Google Local Guide a few months earlier, I started posting pictures and reviews on the google maps, I started adding missing places that were not on the map. Yesterday I got a notification that your pictures have helped over 50,000 times. You start by doing small things that what I believe. You start by helping others

What goes around comes around! Easy peasy rule. Sooner or later, this society gonna pay you back no matter what you have done for it. Whether the good you spread or was a part of conflicting motives, at the end it is coming to you. Certainly, I am not bragging about myself, I am just letting you know how little things can make a difference in other’s life as well as in yours. I want to shift the paradigm and change the lens through which we see and think.

Let’s pick a name, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page. We don’t know them personally, but yet we know them. Do you know why? Because they have done something for us, they have given this society what no one had. We use Skype, Facebook, Amazon, Windows and all the products that they made. Have you ever paid a single penny to them? At least I never did. They are successful, you know why? Because they have done something for the humankind and that is how you leave your impact in this world. I think everyone wants to be remembered. Right? Then, in this case, I would recommend start by changing people lives. Start by small things that make a difference for others, things that matter for others. You will feel satisfied and the best part is you are helping yourself and this world will remember you. J

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