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The more you pay gratitude, the more you have

Hola! Dear colleagues, mates, seniors and juniors! How was your Eid? One of the best? Or may be the busiest one. I hope you people spent a wonderful Eid with your families. Today I am going to share one of the habit of ultra-successful people, a habit that is practiced by most of the successful businessmen in the world whether he is Jeff Bezos, Howard Schultz, Larry Page, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or whoever he is, a habit that everyone must need to develop and I am hardly working on it and I cannot do this without sharing with you people.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotion that you can practice in your everyday life. But unfortunately, we are quite unaware of the benefits of paying gratitude. We are so taking everything for granted that we have almost totally forgotten to accept what things we actually have. The biggest dilemma is that we keep on crying on the things that we don’t have rather than thanking and showing gratitude to the things we have.

I have been studying about habits of ultra-successful people for few weeks and from many habits, what I found the most common habit among all these people is the habit of showing Gratitude. Showing gratitude is no rocket science. It is so simple as walking in the park, but the urge to show is what matters the most.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow - Melody Beattie

We live our life at our fullest, I still remember when I first started my job here at CMPak, and one of my very close and old friend who knows me from childhood, asked a wonderful question which brought tears to my eyes. His question was “How it feels like to see your wallet full?” and I replied him with a beautiful smile. Because when I recall, I didn’t have wallet even and now I hardly see it empty ALHAMDULILLAH. In our everyday life, we have uncountable things to pay gratitude.

Let me recall and remind the things which we are taking for granted from years,
  • -          We open our wardrobe and see it full of clothes, even at times we get ourselves confused what to wear
  • -          We have sincere friends whom we discuss and share our personals
  • -          We wear everything branded (Clothes, shoes, perfumes)
  • -          We maintain clothes like formal wear, semi-formal wear, casual wear
  • -          We maintain shoes like, for running, for formal wear, for hiking, for sports, casual, semi-casual
  • -          We open our refrigerator and find so many things to eat and sometimes few of them goes wasted even
  • -          We breathe, we walk, we play, we see, and we have all the senses gifted by ALLAH without even asking
  • -          We have electricity, gas, and air to live with
  • -          We have fresh clean water to drink, cleanse & wash
  • -          We are educated, knows good people, works in a good company
  • -          We have flow of cash, we earn, spend, save, invest
  • -          We have beautiful relations like (siblings, friends, parents, spouse, children)
  • -          We live in big houses, sleep on comfortable beds, eat hygienic breakfast, lunch and dinner, play sports
  • -          We own cars in which we travel and go to places whenever & wherever we want to
  • -          We have the internet to learn so many things and stay connected to the world
  • -          We hangout, we spend on luxuries, we spend on tourism
  • -          We see our wallet empty, we go to atm machine and fill it up

I mean I could have made this list as long as I could but it would then be too long for one to read. Observe yourself, and your surroundings and you will feel all the amazing things which we are taking granted for years. We not only have necessities, but we have a rich lifestyle.

How to pay gratitude?
As I told you, every successful person has a habit of paying gratitude daily, some do it by simply reminding themselves, some do it by keeping a journal, some do it by daily spending 5 minutes to think on for what they are grateful today and writing on a notepad. There are also multiple apps available which remind you of daily to write for which you’re grateful. But after reading from different blogs, articles, and other sources, I have developed my own way of paying gratitude. One of its kind. I call it WALL OF GRATITUDE. It is as simple as a wall covered in white paper.

Cover one of your bedroom wall with a white paper fully. And on daily basis, whenever you spare few minutes, write 2 – 3 points for what you are grateful for. This way, every time when you look at your wall, you will have a sense of humility, thankfulness, and you will feel more grateful towards your life. Researchers at Princeton University and UCLA found that those people who write in longhand appear to learn better, retain information longer, and more readily grasp new ideas, according to experiments by other researchers who also compared note-taking techniques. The process of taking hand written notes encoded the information more deeply in memory, experts said. Keeping in mind the research I have developed this way of showing gratitude. Others reason of showing gratitude on WALL OF GRATITUDE is once you write on the wall, it will remain in front of you all the times and will keep you reminding of the things on the daily basis that you have and keep you more focused and energetic. And the lastly, it will be a great addition to your room decor as well. J

Why should you pay gratitude is the question now?
Detailed benefits of gratitude can be found in the link below, highlights of which are following
1. Gratitude makes us happier
2. Gratitude makes people like us
3. Gratitude makes us healthier
4. Gratitude boosts our career
5. Gratitude strengthens our emotions
6. Gratitude develops our personality
7. Gratitude makes us more optimistic
8. Gratitude reduces materialism
9. Gratitude increases spiritualism
10.Gratitude makes us less self-centered
11.Gratitude increases self-esteem
12. Gratitude improves your sleep
13. Gratitude keeps you away from the doctor
14. Gratitude lets you live longer
15.  Gratitude increases your energy levels
16.  Gratitude makes you more likely to exercise
17.  Gratitude helps us bounce back.
18.  Gratitude makes us feel good. 
19.  Gratitude makes our memories happier. 
20.  Gratitude reduces feelings of envy
21.  Gratitude helps us relax
22.  Gratitude makes you friendlier
23.  Gratitude helps your marriage
24.  Gratitude makes you look good
25.  Gratitude helps you make friends.
26. Gratitude deepens friendships
27.  Gratitude makes you a more effective manager
28.  Gratitude helps you network. 
29. Gratitude increases your goal achievement
30. Gratitude improves your decision making
31. Gratitude increases your productivity. 

Source for 31 benefits: 

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